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Changing Behaviors Positively

Why does my dog jump up and nip at my children's hands? Is he aggressive? 

My dog is 2 years old but he still have accidents in the house. What should I do? 

Why does my dog do things he knows are wrong? 

Our new dog doesn't get along with our other two dogs. What should we do? 

Dogs natural behaviors and our expectations of our dogs may not always go hand in hand. Dogs don't understand what we want from them, so we have to teach them. Gentle Ways Dog Training help build communication and gentle companionship between you and your dog. We teach you to understand your dog's behavior which in turn translates to better communication and a better life for both you and your dog.  

When working with a problem behavior, we always took for the cause first. Is the dog fearful? Is the dog anxious? Has the dog being reinforced to do this behavior? Then we look for a way to change the behavior to a wanted one, taking into consideration the dogs biological needs and it's emotional state. 

Gentle Ways Dog Training offers in-home private training, behavior modifications, on-leash walk & train, puppy start programs, and more. Our gentle and highly effective methods, using only those that are humane in application and based on animal learning theory, will help build bonds between owners and dogs to last a lifetime! 

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