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Gentle Ways Dog Training Gallery: 
Association of Pet Dog Trainers - Dog Training Professionals
The Best of Gentle Ways Dog Training: 
Dog Training Grads with Christine Dahl, author of "Good Dog 101"
My German Shepherd Samantha as puppy
Met Lovely TV Dog Trainer Victoria Stilwell at APDT conference in 2011
Here with Dog Trainer, Author & Canine Behavior Specialist Nicole Wilde at "Helping Fearful Dogs" seminar
Andrea Stone, Pet Tec Dog Walking Academy Instructor
My Leo, a Lapponian Herder as a puppy. This breed is a rare breed in the US, it originates from Scandinavia where the breed is used as a reindeer herding dog.
Puppy Pre-school class. Here Gunner working on loose leash.
Puppy Pre-school. Leo is working Loose leash as well.
Emma in puppy day training program.
Bonjo, a great student, here with his sister.
Lilo, one of our in-home training clients
Georgie is being trained to become a service dog.
Meet Biscuit, who moved from accross our state!
Georgie graduates from Adult Manners class
Little Buster Brown, Adult Manner's Grad!
Little Banjo outperformed himself in Adult Manners class
Buddy learned so much in Adult Manners!
Ken Ramirez at a Clicker Expo work shop learning about concept training
Michele Pouliot at Clicker Expo 2013 teaching about place and time of reinforcement
Little Weimaraner Bella
Puppy Preschool graduates
This is Charlie who is working on a long down-stay with distractions at a park.
Congrats to Zoe and family who graduated from Puppy Preschool.
This is little Annie who graduated Puppy Preschool with flying colors!
This is Gunner and Annabelle, both graduates of puppy preschool, picture shared by family!
Little cutie Labrador Lily
puppy Scotch, Labrador, paying great attention.
Nick and Penny!
During Sparcs conference, I had the honor to meet many great scientists, here with Marc Bekoff, huge animal advocate who has written for ex. Animal Manifesto.
Here with Adam Miklosi, dept of ethologi in Budapest.
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