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In-home Consultation
This is a- 90 minute consultation where we find out everything we can about your dog and what you are looking to achieve. We discuss dog's history, routine and discuss the issues you are having or training you would like to achieve. 

The initial consultation includes receiving a written detailed report of our evaluation and a training hand-out covering drives, training methods, dog body language and more. 


Gentle Ways Dog Training Services
-Will your dog/s and you benefit from dog class or private training? Well - it all depends! Here are some things to consider when making that decision: 

-Does your dog do well with other dogs? Will a class room setting be too stressful for your dog? A dog who is anxious or stressed may not be able to learn. 

-Do you need flexible hours? Can you commit to the time and day and drive to a facility or will it benefit you better if the training came to you? 

-Are we going to work on behavioral  (emotional) issues, such as resource guarding, fear of people or other dogs, separation anxiety etc?  Modifying / changing an emotional response is best done outside of the class-room. We will work with your dog in it's normal environment. 

-For puppies: Puppies benefit from being around other puppies and I do recommend all puppies enroll in a puppy class. However, puppies will also benefit from private training. You get one-on-one attention, and we will focus on socializing your puppy to the life-style that you live (hiking, city living, other animals etc). 

Single Session in-home training 
Sometimes, a session or two of showing you how, can help you get started with your training.  Why buy a package if you don't need it? Discuss with your trainer your best option/s. 

$100.00 / hourly rate. Travel charge may apply
In-home 3 sessions packages
Some modification programs might take a bit longer. If we anticipate that the behavior program will take more sessions than two, use our 3-session packages at a discounted rate of 
 The three sessions must be used within a 30 day period.  Packages must be pre-paid.  No credit or refund for un-used sessions. Travel charge may apply. 
Training We Offer:

In-home Destruction
Rude Manners
Jumping on people
General Anxiety
Resource Guarding
Body Guarding
Barrier Frustration
Play Skills
Separation Anxiety
Stranger aggression
Hyper Activity
Environmental adjustment
Crate training
Help with installation of ABI for puppies
Puppy 101
New Dog Consultation
Planning New Dog-

Puppy Right Start and Socialization Packages:
Are you getting or have just aquired a new puppy? Help your puppy get the right start in life. With the right amount of training, exposure to dogs, things and people, you are actually setting a wonderful ground to the health of your dog to minimize future problems such as guarding, people or dog aggression or fear. You will also need help building the foundations of manners. At this age, the dog is learning fast and willingly. How awesome!

- Puppy 101 consultation includes getting set up, house breaking, socialization, environmental enrichment, crate training. Materials / handouts included in cost. Consultation will take between 1 1/2 to 2 hours.  $150.00 including handouts. 

- Puppy 101 & socialization day camp: This includes the initial consultation. 2 hours each day, includes leash walking, potty training, basic behaviors training, handling, socialization, resource guarding prevention, environmental enrichment and more. The package can be modified to fit your needs.  Pricing depends on numbers of visits a week. Price - call to inquire. 

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New Dog (or planning a new dog) Consultation: 

​Have you just bought or adopted a new adult dog and wants to make sure you have set everything up right so that you are giving your new dog the best start possible? Maybe you are planning to get a new dog and wants to be informed? 
A New Dog Consultation will address any concerns that you may have, and will also include information that you should not be without when you first bring home your new dog! 
Consultation $125  will usually take approx. 1.5 hour. Temperament evaluations: Would you like help evaluating which dog might fit in with you and your lifestyle? You might be visiting a breeder with puppies, or you might be visiting  a shelter. We can help by joining you during your visit and perform some basic temperament tests that mighb help you select the best dog for you and your lifestyle. 

Dog Adventures: 

​Not all dogs are dog park dogs or like the environment of dog day cares, but they still need exercise and some care while you work. I am an avid hiker and mountaineer, certified scrambler and Aiare certified. Have good knowledge of the local mountains, and are educated in Wilderness first aid and orienteering. I can take a small group of 1-3 dogs hiking in the mountains, forest 0r out on the beach. Email for pricing!