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Changing behaviors positively

Welcome to Gentle Ways Dog Training! 

For over 12 years we have served the Puget Sound region providing Private Training and Behavior modifications as well as Dog Classes. 

When working with a problem behavior, we look for the cause first. Is the dog scared? Is the dog anxious or stressed? What has reinforced this behavior?

Then we change the behavior to a more wanted one, taking into consideration the dog's biological needs and it's emotional state. 





-Dog/Dog Aggression & reactivity

- Resource Guarding

-Separation Anxiety

-Fearful dog

-Stranger Aggression & reactivity

- Dog Fighting in household

- Prepare for Baby (dog/baby relationships)

- Predation and preydrive

-Shy Dog

- Barking

-hyper arousal

Basic Behaviors Like: 

-Pulling on leash

-Manners (sit,down,stay, leave it etc)

-Come when called

Potty training and crate training

And more

Private In-home Consultation
1 1/2 hour approx $180 incl training plan
Puppy Right Start Consultation
1/2 hr approx incl puppy priority handout and additional materials
Private in-home 1 hour session
single sessions (consultation must be completed prior to booking single sessions) $140 per session
Puppy Right Start socialization package
customized packages only. Inquire. 
Private in-home 3 hour session package
pre-paid discounted price for three sessions (consultation must have been completed) $350
Dog Adventures
customized to client's needs. 2 hour - full day hiking adventures can be accommodated. On leash only. 
Day Training 3 session package 
During day training, owner do not need to be present. Transfer session with owner required after number of sessions completed by trainer.  $320



Monday - Friday 

10.00 am - 7.30 pm



We recognize that each dog have individual needs, so our in-home training is tailored for you, your dog and your life style. 


Our foundation to success is understanding the underlying cause for a behavior and work out a plan to modify it. To reach success, diet and exercise, management, communication, trust building, reward-based lifestyle and understanding dog behavior, and pain free training methods are some of the essential elements we work with in order to arrive at the best results.


Fear and pain free science based training methods only. We work closely with Veterinary Behaviorists on advanced cases when stress, anxiety and aggressive behaviors are present, including bite history. 

Thanks for submitting!

Serving King, Pierce and Part of Snohomish counties. Travel Fees might apply. 


Text/Ph: 253-632-6310

For New Clients: Please Email to initiate contact. 

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